Wind Damage Roof Insurance Claims Tips:

Replacing a damaged roof can be cumbersome and costly, especially if your homeowners’ insurance company is reluctant to pay for it. Here are 6 useful tips for what to do after experiencing roof damage:

  1. File a Claim

When filing a claim for roof damage and replacement, the first thing you should do is review your homeowners’ insurance policy. Not all damage to your roof is covered and there are specific exceptions that you should be aware of.

2. Know What Is Covered?

Accidental damage is usually covered as the result of harsh weather or conditions like fire, windstorm, or hail. Since the value of your roof depreciates over time, the age of your roof is important to know when determining whether the damage will be covered under your insurance. In some instances, your insurance may only offer you an amount equal to the depreciated value of your roof rather than the value when it was newly built.

3. Know What Isn’t Covered?

After an inspector evaluates the damage to your roof, any damage that is considered to be “normal wear and tear” as a result of poor conditions or aging will not be covered under most homeowners’ insurance policies.

4. Keep Track of Your Records

It is always a good idea to keep track of any damage or repairs you’ve made in the past. Keep documentation like estimates, receipts, and invoices from any previous maintenance work as well as before and after photos to submit to your insurance company. Having this information readily available and in a safe place can make the claims process a whole lot easier for you in the long run.

5. Hire a Contractor

After your claim has been approved by your insurance company, you will need to hire a certified and experienced roof contractor. Most insurance companies will allow you to select your won contractor or if you prefer, you can use one in which the insurance company selects. Whomever you choose should be someone who specializes in roofing repairs and who you trust to complete the job for a reasonable price.

6. Get an Attorney

Find an attorney who is fluent in Wind Damage Roof Insurance Claims to assist through this process. A lawyer is not only knowledgeable and can advise you but can also negotiate with insurance companies to get a proper payout.