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Property Damage

Tired of waiting on hold for those pesky Insurance Adjusters?

Mooneeram + Serres + Vivanco P.A., provides comprehensive representation to property owners in Florida with regards to claims against their Insurance Companies. We strive to make our clients comfortable through every step of the process; from reporting the claim to a final resolution. We advise clients on complex policy interpretation issues and advocate on behalf of property owners in all types of insurance coverage, scope, and pricing disputes. Our legal team has extensive knowledge and is known throughout the insurance industry for their dependability, hard work, accessibility, and track record of delivering results in a timely fashion. We provide coverage analysis and litigation services with regards to a wide array of property damage for Residential, Commercial and Condominium insurance claims, including, but not limited to:


Hurricane / Storm Damage
Hail damage
Wind Damage
Water Damage
Plumbing Ruptures
Appliance malfunctions
Vandalism / Burglary
A/C malfunctions
Fire Damage
Mold Damage
Water Mitigation Services
Personal Property Damage
Bad Faith

Florida Property Damage Attorneys


Mooneeram + Serres + Vivanco, P.A., have extensive experience working in the field of insurance law. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions underlying all types of insurance contracts and are skilled in interpreting policies and analyzing complex coverage issues. Mooneeram + Serres + Vivanco, P.A., understand that sometimes coverage issues cannot be successfully resolved before filing a lawsuit and that Litigation seems like a long and tedious process for most property owners. However, Mooneeram + Serres + Vivanco, P.A., are experienced and diligent litigators with the skills and compassion necessary to successfully and zealously represent property owners throughout any stage(s) of the litigation process. For more information or questions about your property damage claim, please fill out the following form (provided below) or contact us at (305) 847-9030 or email us at [email protected] You can also review our retainer agreement by clicking the link below.

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