Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety: Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating. Few things compare to the feeling of unencumbered freedom that riding in the sunshine with the wind in your face can offer. However, motorcycles are also a very dangerous mode of transportation. They are small, two-wheeled, and difficult for automobile drivers to see. Additionally, the speed and agility of the motorcycle add to the danger as they can easily dart in and out of the auto drivers field of vision. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation classes and tips to keep motorcycle injuries at a minimum.

Here are a few safety tips to make your next ride memorable for all the right reasons.

Make sure your motorcycle is safe to ride at all times. Time pressure and suspension is critical to the stability of the bike, and those can be affected by the weight of the rider, as well as any passengers on the bike. Always make sure you are riding in compliance with the owner’s manuals specifications. Another best practice for motorcycle riding is to make sure any passenger holds on to the driver either by the waist or hips. If the bike makes any unexpected braking or swerves, the passenger is less likely to be thrown from the motorcycle.

Florida Law

Under Florida law, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle while wearing headphones or earbuds. A helmet with speakers built into it or one single earbud is allowable, but attention to the road and personal awareness is the most important thing for a motorcycle rider to focus on when riding. In Florida, headlights must always be on. It is all right to buy an aftermarket modulating headlight so that the light is blinking during daylight hours. This actually makes motorcycles more visible to other motorists in bright, sunny conditions. Lane splitting is illegal in Florida. That is when the motorcycle can ride on the line between the lanes other motor vehicles are required to stay in. California is the only state where lane splitting is allowed, but even there, it is so dangerous.

Many accidents happen on motorcycles because they are unseen by other motorists. Be aware of the blind spots cars and trucks may have and try to stay as conspicuous as possible. If you are in an accident, call an experienced Florida attorney who can help you get the protection you deserve.