You may be surprised to know that Florida law does not require that a vehicle owner carry insurance coverage for injuries caused to a third party.  This means that if you are the victim of an automobile accident, and you sustain bodily injuries, the at-fault driver may not carry the coverage needed to compensate you for your injuries. In this blog we will take a look at what Uninsured Motorist Coverage is and how this can greatly affect you in the event of a car accident.

Many vehicle owners elect not to carry Bodily injury coverage (BI), which is the portion of an insurance policy that will compensate a victim for their injuries.  Even in instances where BI coverage is purchased, most people elect minimum coverage, simply because it is cheaper. They usually carry a maximum of $10,000.00 in compensation for injuries they caused to a third party.

In most cases, this amount is nowhere near enough to compensate the victim of an automobile accident.   This is why as a Florida personal injury attorney; I feel that the most important insurance coverage you can carry is Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, also known as UM.

Understanding Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Unfortunately many drivers are not aware that UM Coverage even exhibits. Moreover, many are not aware of what their current insurance policy actually entails.  Every time I ask a client what type of insurance coverage they have, the usual response is “I have full coverage”, when that really isn’t the case.  Full coverage does not always mean full coverage.  In most cases it means that the damages to a vehicle will be paid by your own insurance company regardless of who is at fault. Typically a policy with full coverage does not include Um Coverage.

UM coverage is crucial.  If you carry UM insurance coverage in your own policy, you can rest easy knowing that regardless of the insurance policy of the at-fault party, your insurance will pay for;

  1. All medical expenses to the limit of your auto policy (not cover by your PIP insurance);
  2. Any lost wages that are not covered by your no fault coverage to the limit of your policy;
  3. Future medical expenses related to the accident to the limit of your police;
  4. Future wage losses relating to the accident to the limit of your policy;
  5. Non economic losses including pain and suffering and even the inability to enjoy life after the accident;
  6. Damages incurred by victims of hit and run drivers.

I strongly advise that you check your current automobile insurance policy. If you do not currently carry UM, contact your insurance agent and ask them to add that coverage to your policy.

Most people do not leave their own protection in the hands of others. When it comes to your automobile coverage you should follow the same practice. Hopefully you never find yourself as the victim of an automobile accident, but if you are, make sure that you are sufficiently protected in the event that you do sustain injuries; regardless of the type of insurance a stranger decided to purchase.

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